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Investment Management Innovation & Managed Account Technology from MSA

Investment Management Innovation

Archer MSA, managed account technology providing tax lot accounting, trade order management, GIPS compliant performance measurement, MDA / UMA functionality. Investment Management Innovation at work for you.t

Imagine a separate account management platform providing tax-lot accounting for domestic and international securities, GIPS compliant performance measurement, single login MDA capabilities, billing and more from one financial technology system.

Imagine how efficient you can be with leading managed account technology...

back office outsourcing for separate account management

Back Office Outsourcing and Investment Management Support

MSA Ops, outsource services from Market Street Advisors, provides asset managers a powerful way to control costs and increase flexibility. Using MSA Ops services not only provides the traditional outsourcing benefit of scaling costs with growth, but also allows managers to focus on their core competencies by leaving the rest of the managed account lifecycle to us.

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